Terms of service

  1. Pointed Pixel Ltd. Is the registered limited liability company delivering all the professional online and offline design services commissioned by our clients. Company registration number 8746211. Registered address: Level 2, 66 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich, NR1 1LT
  2. Official Orders:
    No client services can be undertaken by Pointed Pixel Ltd. or any of its subcontracted technical staff without receipt of an ‘Official Order’ signed by a director of the client company or a key member of staff with authorisation to sign the said ‘Official Order’.
  3. Services:
    Designers and/or technical online support personnel will only undertake client support services, consultancy advice, design, concept and visual creation, web design, web template page visuals and web build structures and coding upon receipt of an ‘Official Order’ from the client company.
  4. Confidentiality:
    a. Each party agrees to keep the confidential information of the other absolutely secret and confidential.
    b. Interpretation of data, information and all salient facts that a client requests Pointed Pixel Ltd’s creative and technical personnel to deliver into the public domain – or online – MUST be qualified as not in breach of any client confidentiality agreement. This confidentiality clause MUST be clearly seen, stated and qualified in any authorised ‘Official Order’ commissioning the creative support services of Pointed Pixel Ltd.
  5. Termination:
    Any client in breach of Pointed Pixel Ltd’s terms of business – as stated – will be in breach of our support services contract and work would terminate immediately.
  6. Force Majeure:
    Neither party shall be liable for any delay in the performance of its obligations under this agreement from any instance of force majeure, that is the cause beyond its reasonable control.
  7. Approval of Creative Templates, visual designs, infographics, e-shots, website templates, graphic design and print projects:
    a. Pointed Pixel Ltd’s creative teams will endeavour to interpret all data supplied by client companies according to verbal and written briefs clarified and approved in a client ‘Official Order.’

    b. Invariably, Pointed Pixel Ltd’s project management team leaders and creative designers often experience client input modifications and data updates at a presentation stage. If these modifications, updates and the furnishing of additional information – affect the design and graphic structure of the visuals presented by ourselves – it may necessitate the undertaking of additional work by our creative and production staff, and the client will be advised immediately (verbally and in writing) by Pointed Pixel Ltd.This may affect the original quotation for completion of the project according to the client’s first briefing, and therefore necessitate the client being advised of the additional work, which will cause the original quotation to be revised, or a supplementary cost being added to the original quotation.

  8. Creative concept constructive discussion after presentation to a client:
    Interpretation of data into visual graphics that will impress the client and end user markets becomes extremely subjective on occasions. Our project managers and creative designers are aware first interpretations may not always deliver the exact preconceived ideas in a client’s mindset. Our project management teams look forward to hearing clients’ views at a creative presentation stage and will discuss modification to the design accordingly, and the resulting additional work will be qualified by Pointed Pixel Ltd in accordance with item 7 of our terms of business.
  9. Production undertakings after approval of visual designs:
    Pointed Pixel Ltd. cannot undertake the construction of any graphics, infographics, e-shots, web design or any other creative communications without the written approval of a client company. This can be in the form of an email or client ‘Official Order’.
  10. Client Payments:
    a. Clients are requested to advance 50% of an estimate/ quotation fee for infographics projects undertaken with a pre-agreed fee of £500 or under.
    b. Any infographics design, website design, e-shot design and production, or graphic design and print and/or design of publicity materials or point of sale materials which accrue to £501 and over, our terms of business will be qualified on Pointed Pixel Ltd’s official estimate/quotation submitted to a client.
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