The Ultimate Quick Guide to Visual Communications in Marketing

Discover how visuals can impact your digital brand

Key demographics like senior execs & millennials have shorter attention spans and it’s vital to give your content a creative edge in the market where over 2 million articles published every day.

This guide gives you some useful tools and tactics to help to push your imagination and deliver key messages using data vis, typography, colour and images. We are working up the content and will send out the e-book in a few days.

In this 10 part series, you will learn

  1. Why visual communications is so important for businesses
  2. How businesses and iconic consumer brands use design to grow
  3. How to use visual communications on social media
  4. Typography: 5 do’s and don’ts 
  5. 10 Design Principles that every marketer should know
  6. 5 Quick Design Cheats for marketers without a budget
  7. 19 Ways to think visually: How any organisation can embrace data visualisation
  8. The emotion of colour: what colours mean and how they influence us
  9. How to create and implement an effective multi-channel visual communications strategy
  10. Influencers, video and storytelling: How to take your visual communications to the next level
Visual communications in marketing ebook infographics

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