2016’s mind-blowing infographics

Infographics are not a fad. In the past decade, infographic design has seen a heady growth, and the data format shows no signs of stopping. In 2016, the internet has been awash with fascinating infographics – the sort that blow your mind. Blending kick-ass graphics with compelling data, these infographics will teach you something new…

How likely is your job to be automated?

Job Automation
Most of us recognise that self-checkouts are slowly replacing cashiers and bank tellers are being swapped for ATMs. For better or for worse, there are several, unexpected jobs that will become automated in the distant future. The World Bank’s detailed infographic tells you the probability of your job being computerised. According to the data, clerks and agricultural workers are at most risk, whereas doctors and teachers can sleep easy, for now.

The Counted

The Counted
The US is infamous for unlawful deaths at the hands of the police. But when only some murders by police wind up on the news, how can the general public make sense of it all? The Counted, a project by the Guardian, aims to clear things up. This stripped back infographic monitors the demographics of those killed, while telling the stories of how they died. It displays information from journalists and the general public. Ultimately, the infographic keeps the public educated and the police force accountable – undoubtedly important work.

Diabetes: The Silent Scourge

The Silent Scourge
Do you know the exact difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes? Diabetes affects several people across the world, but many non-sufferers are unaware of specifics. Diabetes: The Silent Scourge was released by Singapore’s Today newspaper in order to raise some much needed awareness. The infographic details factors such as obesity by region, diabetes by country, and even includes an annotated diagram of the insulin process.

Top 5 causes of death worldwide

Morbid, yet fascinating, this infographic shows the most common causes of death globally. It also shows which countries are most affected by disease and how trends are changing over time. Can you believe that in China just 0.2 percent of adults were found to be in “ideal” cardiovascular health? Discover this, and many more little known facts in The Guardian’s super informative infographic.

The Chart of Cosmic Exploration

The Chart of Cosmic Exploration
Get lost in outer space with Pop Chart Lab’s gorgeous illustration. The Chart of Cosmic Exploration notes every space adventure from Luna 2 in 1959 to DSCOVR in 2015. It’s a complex topic, but space exploration becomes a little clearer with this data-rich infographic. There are 100 pictures of exploratory instruments and also the flight paths around moons, planets, comets and asteroids. Whether you’re a space buff or a beginner, you’ll be amazed.

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