#2015OnTwitter: Our Top Twitter Trends So Far

What’s the world tweeting about? So far in 2015, we’ve seen people from across the globe celebrate, mourn, protest and debate a wide variety of issues. Twitter’s trending feature keeps us up to speed – we can find out what’s popular in the Twittersphere at any given moment.

Together, we send more than 500 million tweets a day. Our #2015OnTwitter list reveals which ones have made us laugh, cry, and join in with the global Twitter discussion.

We’re still waiting for our 2015 ‘Golden Tweet’, a.k.a Ellen’s Oscar selfie, but for now, here’s our current list of 2015 favourites:


If your exams went wrong back in the day, you’d moan to a mate then lumber home to strategically prepare your parents for the worst.
In 2015, there’s #EdexcelMaths. After one GSCE maths paper, several irate teens tweeted about ‘unanswerable’ exam questions. Behold, the brilliance of today’s 16 year-olds.


What’s the most unlikely political campaign of the year? It has to be #Milifandom. Led by 17 year-old Abby Tomlinson, #Milifandom celebrated Ed Miliband during the 2015 General Election. The hashtag served as an example of youth engagement in politics, while also challenging negative media portrayals of Milliband. Let’s not kid ourselves, it also provided us with some serious comic relief.

He might have won the election, but #Cameronettes just doesn’t have the same ring to it…


Also on the political side, Twitter has been raising awareness of USA’s alleged institutional racism. After US citizen Sandra Bland died in police custody, Twitter spoke out. Suspicion surrounding Bland’s death inspired #IfIDieInPoliceCustody. From seasoned Twitter activists to once-a-year tweeters, people from all over the globe expressed that if they died in police custody, they’d want their family to question everything.


A 2015 trending list without #JeSuisCharlie wouldn’t be a 2015 trending list at all. One of the most popular hashtags in the history of Twitter, #JeSuisCharlie showed solidarity with employees of French magazine Charlie Hebdo. Ten of the magazine’s staff members were killed in a terror attack. “Je Suis Charlie” is french for “I Am Charlie”, a statement that took twitter by storm.


We may have awful weather, pedantic queuing systems and Slough, but us Brits make up for our shortcomings with a sharp sense of humour. When a “terrorism expert” on Fox News claimed that Birmingham was “a no-go zone for non-Muslims”, Britain’s keyboard comedians took to Twitter. Tons of people rose up to educate Steve Emerson with some on point #foxnewsfacts.

There you have it! Those are our Top 5 trending moments of #2015OnTwitter, but they’ll be plenty more to come as the year progresses. We predict that they’ll be an influx of tweets about school exam results and the MTV Video Music Awards, both taking place in August. September’s iPhone launch will be big, and of course – New Years Eve will inspire some hashtags. However, the most poignant tending topics are the often unexpected ones, so stay tuned for updates!

Have we missed something big? What are your favourite #2015OnTwitter moments? Let us know in the comments below.

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