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Visual content is the most successful way to give the best answer to big questions. We create compelling stories, imaginative artwork, and beautiful data visualisations to help connect with audiences on an emotional and intellectual level.

You need a big imagination to engage with audiences through content. We relish the challenges set by our clients and always do our best to ensure our creative ideas and strategic solutions deliver on the bottom line and achieve maximum impact.

On a daily basis, we work with leading content professionals to solve complex problems to help share ideas and inspire actions. Using innovative creative solutions such as infographics, online experiences, editorials, presentation material, e-books, and websites.

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Innoviate brands we’ve teamed up with who love to push the edge of what’s possible.

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We enjoy sharing our visual content projects almost as much as working on them.
Glenn Bowdidge

Glenn Bowdidge

Chief Marketer

I switched from Business Dev to creative 4 years ago. I’ve been on the front lines and in the back office which has allowed me gain a sound knowledge in marketing and business with a unique designer perspective. I strive to empathise with the audiences I design for.

Nikki Davis

Nikki Davis

Chief Designer

I decided to become a designer when I was around 14 years old and a school visit took me to a local buzzing creative agency, I was inspired and the experience had a massive impact on me. I started as a graphic designer in 1998 and still passionate as ever about creating designs for people to enjoy.

If you want a concept visualised, hire Pointed Pixel. StarterSquad commission them on various projects in very different circumstances. Business services to be admired from Pointed Pixel is their work exceeds expectations within budgets and timelines. Great work, great value for money.

Iwein Fuld, Startersquad

Nikki and her team are simply amazing, her years at the top UK agencies have obviously turned her into one of the best infographic designers around - highly recommended.

Alex Rupin, iBride

Delighted with projects to date where Pointed Pixel’s graphics, visual interpretations and colour communications deliver poignant messages into our business target audience market.

Stewart Baird, Stone Ventures

The team at Pointed Pixel are an absolute pleasure to work with. Their design efforts are innovative and always exceed our infographic design needs along with creativity and design skills and help perfect our projects. Communication is fantastic, and I would highly recommend working with Pointed Pixel.

Marissa Pick, Director of Social Media Marketing, Euromoney

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